Marin County Sheriff's Department Jail Facility

The Marin County Jail (San Rafael Jail) is located at 13 Peter Behr Drive San Rafael, CA 94903.

For inmate information call (888) 503-3506.

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Jail Information

Marin County is located immediately North of the Golden Gate bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marin county is mostly unincorporated, in which case, the crime prevention and law enforcement responsibilities are that of The Marin County Sheriff's Department.

It is reporated that in 2006 the Jail booked approximately 8,590 individuals, and provided housing and care for an average daily population of 318 inmates. The Jail is also tied in with the Probation Department which has roughly over 200 sentenced individuals on county parole or work release programs.

The Jail houses both men and women, but no one under the age of 18 is booked into the Jail, with the exception of some cases that are directed by the law.

Please Note, That Marin County has one primary jail and virtually everyone that is arrested in Marin County will get sent to the San Rafael jail even if they are arrested in one of the other areas of the County.

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